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Appeals Court to Massachusetts Trial Judges – don’t let Parties get out of construction industry lawuits
In two recent cases the Massachusetts Appeals Court cautioned trial judges against granting summary judgment in construction cases. Parties who argued they should be set free from the claims had to stay in and pay – at least to defend.  One case Docos reversed the dismissal of the general contractor; another LeBlanc revived dismissed claims… Read More »Appeals Court to Massachusetts Trial Judges – don’t let Parties get out of construction industry lawuits
Clash detection is just the start
Currently clash detection is the fundamental use for Bilding Information Modeling (BIM) software but on the horizon is software with rules built in to prevent designers from creating drawings that contain clashes.  A buffer zone can be imposed around the edges of materials.  It won’t let you put a duct where it won’t fit.  Advanced… Read More »Clash detection is just the start
Fatter Gas Pipes Needed to Power New England?
NATURAL GAS AND ELECTRICITY IN NEW ENGLAND/ REGULATION AND MARKETS Sitting on the seam between free markets and regulation are public utilities.  Markets and regulation are conceptual competitors. Most agree that the best way to rationalize distribution is through markets but government, what we agree to do together, often expresses itself through regulations.  Natural gas… Read More »Fatter Gas Pipes Needed to Power New England?
SJC to DPU – Explain yourself – be more clear
Massachusetts SJC, when asked to affirm an order of the DPU, instead sent the matter back.  The Court (NSTAR v DPU 462 Mass 381) couldn’t tell if the order in question was supported by sound reasoning or not.  The agency hadn’t supplied the facts or rationale for its decision in approving complex agreement to settle… Read More »SJC to DPU – Explain yourself – be more clear
National BIM Standards
Comprehensive standards for elements of Building Information Modeling were recently updated and published at http://www.nationalbimstandard.org/.  They propose a plan for everyone to agree on transmitting, preserving and updating information and a dictionary of nouns and adjectives for building elements. Even as participants unify on standards for terminology and BIM uses, a problem remains with contracts… Read More »National BIM Standards
Prompt Pay Prompts Attention to Paperwork
Subcontractors can bring claims after their work is done in Massachusetts. Alert contractors will have a 30 day window to give a good response in writing.  Proper documentation of problems is more important than ever.
Anti Indemnity Law and Wrap Insurance
More and more states have passed laws prohibiting agreements that require someone to answer a claim entirely caused by the person seeking reimbursement or indemnity. It has been standard in construction to push risks onto other parties who then get insurance for those exposures. The new laws prohibiting these formerly common provisions, have created uncertainty… Read More »Anti Indemnity Law and Wrap Insurance
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