Seminar Topics

Insurance, Key Contract Terms, Adopting Standards

  • Insurance – what are the pitfalls and what should be in your project files (certificates, additional insureds). How to enjoy indemnity.

  • Key Contract Terms – why they are important in practice – what they mean for your job and why there is no boilerplate.

  • Standard Operating Procedures – overcoming resistance to adoption. Why compliance matters and what should your internal standards include and exclude?

Saftey, Subcontracts, Employment Law

  • Safety – involving the front office and especially the front lines.

  • Subcontract pushback – why they ask, when to say no.

  • Employment law/ privacy: landmines, concerns, why and how.

IPD, Subguard and Millennial Employees

  • IPD: what is it and can you use it?

  • Subguard – Is it a substitute bond? How dies it fin into liens and default?

  • Information filters practices and traps – don’t write this down.

  • Millennial Employees – force yourself to give them feedback.

Saving Expense in the Long Term by Targeting Operations Improvements