G4S TECHNOLOGY LLC v MASS TECHNOLOGY PARK CORP. Mass SJC 2018 FACTS Government owner hired design builder for $45M project (internet backbone for 400,000 Western Mass users). The contract included requisition certifications that subcontractors had been paid and liquidated damages for late finish. Project got delayed.  Owner held back payment on requisitions. Contractor issued change… Read More

Condo developers in Cambridge tried to cut back the big risk of lawsuits coming back against them from the Condominium Unit Owner’s Association by putting into the Condo docs hurdles for bringing suit. In the case Trustees of the Cambridge Point Condominium Trust v Cambridge Point LLC (SJC 2018), the bylaws of a 42 unit… Read More

You pay Massachusetts homeowner’s insurance premiums and have for years – now you have a claim for property damage. Maybe your home and some of your things were damaged by wind driven rain, maybe water intrusion from ice dams, how to make your claim? An insurance policy is a written agreement. In order to make… Read More

In a non-precedential ruling, Massachusetts Appeals Court shot down the claim of a subcontractor who, refused to perform disputed work and walked off the job. Acme Abatement Contractor, Inc. V. S&R Corporation, Mass: Appeals Court (2015)   FACTS S&R hired Acme Abatement for part of the scope of a job at a plant and its… Read More