If you sue on bond to get money due on a public works job in Massachusetts and win anything after a trial, you also get attorney’s fees the Appeals Court ruled. The case Aggregate Industries v Hugo Key is found here. The asphalt subcontractor on a public job wanted the agreement to include fees for… Read More

SUPERIOR MECHANICAL PLUMBING & HEATING V INSURANCE COMPANY OF THE WEST 80 Mass App Ct 584 (2012) FACTS The Owner, LA Fitness Center hired the General Contractor, PinnCon LLC to construct a sports facility in Saugus. The GC hired Superior as a plumbing subcontractor. The Owner and GC had a written agreement saying that the… Read More

In a non-precedential ruling, Massachusetts Appeals Court shot down the claim of a subcontractor who, refused to perform disputed work and walked off the job. Acme Abatement Contractor, Inc. V. S&R Corporation, Mass: Appeals Court (2015)   FACTS S&R hired Acme Abatement for part of the scope of a job at a plant and its… Read More