Own the process and set the tone. Newer design and construction methods use better integration across disciplines and among parties, sometimes using Lean principles, a collaborative spirit and open communications. Getting to know the others on the project will make the inevitable hard conversations, easier to have. Spend early time together with both the design… Read More

If you sue on bond to get money due on a public works job in Massachusetts and win anything after a trial, you also get attorney’s fees the Appeals Court ruled. The case Aggregate Industries v Hugo Key is found here. The asphalt subcontractor on a public job wanted the agreement to include fees for… Read More

Construction contracts often hold back some contractor pay until the job’s end. Massachusetts lawmakers enacted a law in August 2014 to make those holdback payments flow – and to impose a record keeping burden on those who would rather not release retainage. The enactment, Chapter 149 Section 29 F sheparded through by the Associated Subcontractors… Read More

Subcontractors can bring claims after their work is done in Massachusetts. Alert contractors will have a 30 day window to give a good response in writing.  Proper documentation of problems is more important than ever.… Read More