You pay Massachusetts homeowner’s insurance premiums and have for years – now you have a claim for property damage. Maybe your home and some of your things were damaged by wind driven rain, maybe water intrusion from ice dams, how to make your claim? An insurance policy is a written agreement. In order to make… Read More

You have to want to integrate Contractors’ walking off a Denver VA Hospital project, was justified by a decision of the Civilian Board of Contract Appeals  who said the Owner’s dysfunctional staff prohibited the integration required by the Integrated Design and Construct contract. The VA culture “does not encourage or is [not] comfortable with new… Read More

Construction contracts often hold back some contractor pay until the job’s end. Massachusetts lawmakers enacted a law in August 2014 to make those holdback payments flow – and to impose a record keeping burden on those who would rather not release retainage. The enactment, Chapter 149 Section 29 F sheparded through by the Associated Subcontractors… Read More

A Massachusetts doctor, who didn’t sign an arbitration agreement between a nursing home and its patient, couldn’t be forced to take part in the arbitration, or to be stuck with the result, when the  patient claimed malpractice. The case Walker v Collyer found a patient trying to force a doctor into an arbitration the doctor… Read More