You have paid premiums, now you have a claim because your property got damaged.  How does that work? Give Notice Early – Contact the insurer to give notice of claim. The initial notice need not be detailed. You Are Your Claim # – Know your Claim # – this is the key to the door… Read More

On January 31, 2017 Massachusetts released plans for the redesign of the program to incentivize solar energy construction in the state.  The DOER slideshow is here.  Massachusetts commitment to support solar energy production remains but is reshaped – to target the projects deemed optimal and to reduce rewards for putting solar farms in undeveloped green… Read More

State energy regulators have to design their rules respecting the chance that Federal preemption will vaporize their viability.  Some States want energy rules to push their policy choices, on things like global warming and renewables.  But State rules on energy can’t cross in to the areas regulated exclusively by the Federal Government. A recent unanimous… Read More