If you must know more about “the economic loss rule”, … it is rule is based on the idea that lawsuits between people who have no contract with each other should have some limits. It prohibits recovery of “economic damages” where negligence (rather than breach of an agreed upon contract) is alleged to have caused… Read More

Mass DOT Sect Richard Davey addressed the Massachusetts Building Congress on February 21, 2014 and emphasized the fact that projects need to be paid for. Gas tax is a principal funder of road projects and with more efficient vehicles the revenue from the gas tax has not risen with other costs. The Federal Highway Trust… Read More

P3’s and Beyond – the Next Decade of Construction Projects Report by Chuck Cobb on ABA Construction Industry Forum September 2013 Meeting Construction lawyers from around the US gathered for the ABA Construction industry forum’s meeting with presentations about P3’s or Public Private Partnerships.  Public owners are looking to ways to finance projects in an… Read More