J.M. HOLLISTER LLC v ARCHITECTURAL ACCESS BOARD 83 Ma App Ct 513 (2013) FACTS Hollister sold clothes from a store in a mall.  The retailer replaced the accessible mall level entrance with two adjacent doorways and it constructed a ‘porch’ two steps up and back down leading into the store.  On either side of the… Read More

Mechanical and structural engineers were among the first to use BIM.  CM’s saw this and “rushed to claim they had the same capabilities”.  Who leads, who owns coordination on a project using BIM?  The need to coordinate the design engineered plans and the work of the trade contractors has been an interface where roles are… Read More

Building Information Modeling (BIM) has established its usefulness but it awaits a usability breakthrough.  Some feel http://bit.ly/12O08Vl that even as BIM (computerized building plan) tools are increasingly used, that BIM outcomes are too often disappointing.  The disillusionment could be the result of overhyped promises.    BIM is a powerful tool but the construction industry’s use of… Read More

A construction project owner is not covered by the insurance policy it purchased for a claim arising when the structural engineer (an independent contractor to the architect) fell through the floor at the project site according to a recent Massachusetts Appeals Court decision. The case is Cable Mills LLC v Coakley Pierpan Dolan and Collins… Read More