Massachusetts MBTA ran into problems managing construction projects under the terms of the deals it signed. Why do government owners have problems with contracting styles common to private work?  Contractors All Thrown off After Study The MBTA found that after years of planning for the Green Line extension project that the construction costs were way… Read More

Massachusetts top Court issued a much awaited decision Coughlin Electric v Gilbane Building Co ruling on construction contracting methods and the scope of duty between Owners/ Designers and Construction Managers under the relatively new Construction Manager at Risk arrangement. New contracting methods involve the builder sooner, during the design process. The Court had to allocate… Read More

Local Rules Go Too Far Massachusetts’ Supreme Judicial Court stopped enforcement of a local ordinance aimed at cleaning up problems caused by empty, foreclosed properties. Despite the blight resulting from loose lending in Springfield Massachusetts, sometimes called the City of Neighborhoods, the rules enacted by the city to govern foreclosing owners would have disrupted more… Read More