How do you know who gets fees for prevailing in a Massachusetts Wage Act case? Whole case settled except for attorney’s fees Mass SJC – encourage correction of unlawful behavior by rewarding Wage Act attorneys Use the catalyst test for fee requests to see who prevailed. FACTS A Massachusetts Wage Act case Ferman v Sturgis… Read More

The Windsor School (Owner) hired the contractor (LKC) to build a new gymnasium.  LKC hired a subcontractor to lay the floor. Within months of completion, the architect notified the contractor of flooring deficiencies. Lee Kennedy Co. v. Arch Insurance Company, Dist. Court, D. Massachusetts 2019 When the contractor held the sub’s retainage, the sub sued.… Read More

Mass corporation liable for unauthorized guarantee due to shoddy corporate paperwork and inaction after learning. People’s United Bank v B&B Fire Protection Inc. Mass App Ct (2019) FACTS The B&B FP Inc. corporation was made up of two shareholders with 51 and 49 per cent ownership. The two owners had a falling out; the minority… Read More

Five-year litigation over $16,000 ends with upholding of triple damages and attorney’s fees award. For most kinds of cases, attorneys’ fees are not a part of recoverable damage. Bad faith business practice cases based on Massachusetts law GL c. 93a– if found by a judge (not a jury), after trial, can permit recovery of attorney’s… Read More