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Why Waive Subrogation? How it works
A recent Maryland case shows the protection contractors enjoy when their contract includes waivers of subrogation.  Gables Construction v Red Coats Md Ct Appeals (2020) PARTIES AND AGREEMENTS       Owner – Upper Rock II General Contractor – Gables Construction Project – 139 Unit Apartment Building Contract – AIA A102 with GMP and AIA A201 with waivers… Read More »Why Waive Subrogation? How it works
Way Low Bid to Move Rock Costs Contractor
Massachusetts’ Appeals Court decided an unknown site conditions case where the low bid contractor used a very low plug number for its estimated cost to remove the unknown quantity of subsurface rocks. The owner required this figure because it wanted the contractor to bear the cost risk of subsurface surprises.   When the project was… Read More »Way Low Bid to Move Rock Costs Contractor
Walk off Sub’s Claim Sunk by “Perform First /Dispute Later” Clause
In a non-precedential ruling, Massachusetts Appeals Court shot down the claim of a subcontractor who, refused to perform disputed work and walked off the job. Acme Abatement Contractor, Inc. V. S&R Corporation, Mass: Appeals Court (2015)   FACTS S&R hired Acme Abatement for part of the scope of a job at a plant and its… Read More »Walk off Sub’s Claim Sunk by “Perform First /Dispute Later” Clause
Ten Tips for Massachusetts Property Insurance Claims
You have paid premiums, now you have a claim because your property got damaged.  How does that work? Give Notice Early – Contact the insurer to give notice of claim. The initial notice need not be detailed. You Are Your Claim # – Know your Claim # – this is the key to the door… Read More »Ten Tips for Massachusetts Property Insurance Claims
Sub Lien Attaches only to Amounts Owner Owes GC
SUPERIOR MECHANICAL PLUMBING & HEATING V INSURANCE COMPANY OF THE WEST 80 Mass App Ct 584 (2012) FACTS The Owner, LA Fitness Center hired the General Contractor, PinnCon LLC to construct a sports facility in Saugus. The GC hired Superior as a plumbing subcontractor. The Owner and GC had a written agreement saying that the… Read More »Sub Lien Attaches only to Amounts Owner Owes GC

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