When someone gets hurt at work, the employer’s workers compensation automatically pays medical costs and a large fraction of lost wages – no matter whose fault caused the work injury. Due to a 100 year old legislative trade-off, this automatic but limited recovery, cloaks the employer with immunity from lawsuits from their employees. Comp collecting… Read More

This is a report about a conference organized by Massachusetts State officials to provide more health care cost information in the effort to cabin the rise in those costs. Empowering Health Care Consumers – A Community Conversation II October 22, 2013 UMass Medical School / MA Office of Consumer Affairs & Business Regulation Chuck Cobb… Read More

Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court now recognizes claims for “associational discrimination” against employers who provide family health insurance and who fire healthy employees with very sick spouses when the firing is motivated by a hope to reduce health insurance premiums.  The case Flagg v AliMed Inc. involved a worker whose wife had a brain tumor. The… Read More