Project Based – specific, targeted scopes – solve your problems and save you money

Practical advice – resolve disputes or litigate – informed by business experience

Communication and collaboration – it’s your case I’ll advise, but you decide

Cost conscious – clear objectives and cost estimates

What I’ve Done

Managed all legal matters for utility scale solar electrical subcontracting company that has installed over 10% of the projects in Massachusetts.

Led commercial leasing for fast growing venture funded medical provider – opening 17 centers in three years.

Corporate Counsel for seven years William A. Berry & Son, Inc. – $600M/year Boston Construction Manager

Utility scale solar EPC contractor – project claims arbitration and litigation

Contract review and business advice for professionals and companies in the construction scheduling, electrical subcontracting, and restaurant business

Insurance trial lawyer with extensive mediation, arbitration and jury trial experience

Graduate of Tufts University and Suffolk Law School

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    • This business was started to serve business clients better.  Starting as a trial lawyer, I learned the Court system and insurance industry.  As an advisor to commercial real estate owners, and as Corporate Counsel for a major Boston area construction manager, I see insurance contracts and construction legal issues from a business owner’s perspective.

      Silver Lake Legal is set up to provide practical solutions for businesses – to provide just what you need but only that.  My extensive networks enable pulling in the right expertise, under the right terms, to manage and to really target the clients’ problems.  These same networks reach out to Silver Lake Legal to apply my skills to the business needs of other savvy clients.

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        • 320 Nevada Street Suite 301 Newton MA 02460

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Photo of Historic Silver Lake

Why Silver Lake?

      • The goal was a memorable trade name- not just law, not just business. In the Newton Massachusetts Nonantum neighborhood, lay Silver Lake. It was not found on any map before 1855. Descriptions from the 1880’s attest to its charm and comment on the cutting of ice. Silver Lake was filled in and built over no later than the 1930’s.